Research Team

Our research team

Foto von Prof. Dr. Louisa KulkeProf. Dr. Louisa Kulke, head of department

Laura Pasqualette (PhD candidate)

Laura Pasqualette graduated in Biomedical Sciences from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ). After her experience researching the gut microbiota-brain interaction, she decided to pursue a master in Neuroscience at Goethe University. Supervised by Dr. Edward Vessel from the Max Planck Institute for Empirical Aesthetics, she wrote her master thesis was about the role of self-relevance during aesthetic experiences. Because her passion about cognitive psychology continued to grow, she joined our group as a PhD student to work on the DFG-funded project “Overt and covert attention to emotional faces in realistic social situations”.

Sahura Ertuğrul (PhD candidate)

I graduated in Foreign Language Education from the Middle East technical University (METU). After spending two years in foreign language teaching, I entered the Master Programme of Cognitive Science Department at METU to be able to discover language process mechanisms. I wrote my thesis about the effect of emotional valence and frequency of words on pupillary responses under the supervision of Dr. Didem Gökçay. During my Master’s degree, I got interested in Affective Neuroscience and Neuroimaging. Thus, Professor Kulke’s research projects about emotional and social mechanisms with combined EEG and eye-tracker got me very excited to be part of her research team. Currently, I am a visiting researcher in her lab to conduct the DAAD-funded project “Disengaging overt attention from emotional pictures: an EEG/Eye-tracking the co-registration study”.

Patricia Gmehling, student research assistant

Vanessa Thomas, student research assistant

Veronika Skroban, student research assistant

Nadine Then, student reserach assistant

Alea Rüggeberg, student research asssitant

Lennart Aschoff, research project

Katic Ana-Marija, research project

Isabella Grube, Research project

Portraitfoto von Layla RückertLayla Luna Rückert, graduate research project

Lea Gruber, graduate research project

Katharina Stadler, graduate research project

Portrait of Ms. SchuberthSelina Schuberth, research project

Sandra Regelein, research project

Sarah Klaussner, research project


Alena Koch, research intern

Laetitia von der Schulenburg, research intern

Miriam Keßler, student research assistant

Franziska vom Hofe, student research assistant

Clarisse Kugler, student research assistant

Maria Klier, research project

Kai Josephs, research project

Foto of Sara KlingerSara Klinger, research project

Theresia Langer, graduate research project

Emely Reyentanz, graduate research project

If you are interested in joining the team for a research internship, please contact Prof. Dr. Louisa Kulke.