Research Assistants

Our research team

Patricia Gmehling, Student research assistant

Miriam Keßler, research intern

Laetitia von der Schulenburg, research intern

„My name is Laetitia and I‘m currently finishing my Master’s degree in psychology. The origins and determinants of disease susceptibility (which is also the topic of my thesis) are of particular interest to me, as well as the role that emotions play in social interactions. After all, the quality of our relationships to significant others form an important part of our mental and physical well-being. I’m happy to join the neurocognitive developmental psychology lab in order to get some hands-on experience in the investigation of the underlying neural correlates of emotions and social stimuli.“


Maria Klier, research project

Kai Josephs, research project


Alena Koch, research intern


If you are interested in joining the team for a research internship, please contact Prof. Dr. Louisa Kulke.